Ariel (Amanda Manopo) is a mermaid who lives far from the sea. Ariel is one of the mermaids who can't keep quiet and always want to find a new life. Uniquely, she really likes to carry around a cellphone that is wrapped around her neck. This is because Ariel has never been separated from the gadget. she is jealous of human life ,  who always posts food on social media,

Ariel himself is very obsessed with ordinary human life. He also likes a guy who often comes to the beach where Ariel lives. she felt bored because in her residence there were only women, whereas she longed for a handsome man.

One day Ariel and her friend, Buled (Meinorizah), played in the ocean, they both met with two handsome guys cool playing jetski. At that time they immediately fell in love with the two men. One of them is Troy (Esa Sigit). That afternoon, Troy came with his parents, about to celebrate Erick's (Angga Aldi Yunanda) 17th birthday party, his sister. When he and Erick also Bisma (Arnold Leonard) were busy playing speed boats, Eric fell and sank. Ariel thought it was Troy. Ariel rushed to help. However, he was surprised that it was not Troy he helped. Erick also had time to see this beautiful mermaid.

Erick said the mermaid had saved him. But, everyone doesn't believe. Erick grew disappointed after hearing his parents, Fandy (Hikmal Abrar), and Wulan (Metha Yunatria) planned to divorce after Erick's birthday party was over. Erick then ran to the beach. Everyone is desperate to find Erick.


Meanwhile, from where Ariel lives, he hears that there will be a party at the human site. she also began to look for ways to come. Buled said that Ariel had to turn into an ordinary human using a ring belonging to Madam Mermaid (Neni Anggraeni). Ariel then assisted Buled and managed to take the ring. Ariel then uses the ring and turns into an ordinary human


On the beach, Ariel then meet with Erick. unfortunately, Erick did not recognize Ariel who is now an ordinary human being. Had been involved in misunderstanding, Ariel-Erick instead became close. Ariel's presence with her miraculous behavior made Erick entertained and forgot the problem


In addition to telling the story of Ariel-Erick, there is also Shasha (Rebecca Klopper) who is a celebrity with 2 of his men. Shasha always rules their other teammates, Mimi (Adzwa Aurell) and Cindy (Jovita Karen), to do whatever she wants.

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