Starting heated to humans, named Rian who killed her daughter, Mermaid Queen Neptuna wanted  Rian and Runi children to become mermaids and wanted her as a substitute for her daughter to become the princess of the royal crown mermaid. After Rian died, Neptune and Runi made an agreement regarding Ariel's daughter.


After growing up, Runi was very protective of his daughter. Ariel grew up to be a young woman and  fear of the sea. Ariel was forced by her friend named Katya to go to the beach and she met Eric,


What will happen to Ariel and Eric after their meet each other?

Mega Kreasi Films is a Production House that has produced thousands of FTV series including Suara Hati Istri, Indonesian Cinema, Pintu Berkah, Pintu Berkah Ramadhan, Kisah Nyata, Kisah Nyata Ramadhan, Azab, Azab Spesial, Rahasia, Suratan Ilahi, and has produced soap operas that are widely loved by people such as Mermaid In Love 1, Mermaid In Love 2 World, Aluna, Nina Sahabat Sejati, Bubu, 3 Inner Eyes, etc.

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