A Tribute

Alm. Pak Sam

Subagio Samtono (Alm), known as Pak Sam. He is an icon in the Indonesian Films Industry. More than 30 years, he has work in wide screen industry and television, which has produced more than 125 titles films and 5,000 hours’ worth of TV series in Indonesia. He inspired his 3 children to build Mega Kreasi Films in 2013, with an aim to become a leading production house in Indonesia.

Sonu Samtani, Sonya Samtani & Shalu Mulani

Mega Kreasi Films production house, known as MKF, was founded in 9 January 2013 by Sonu Samtani, Sonya Samtani dan Shalu Mulani who are the children of the late Subagio Samtono or more known as Pak Sam. In 2013, Mega Kreasi Films was located at Fatmawati commercial area until 2015. And in 2016, MKF built its own building located in Lebak Bulus 2 NO.6A, Cilandak Barat.

​Mega Kreasi Films has produced various FTV, such as Cinema Suara Hati Istri, Pintu Taubat, Pintu Berkah, Kisah Nyata and Azab, totalling up to 3,500 episodes. MKF has won some prestigious awards, such as:

  • Included as nomination for commendable FTV at FFB (Festival Film Bandung) in 2013 for FTV title, BulanTanpa Cahaya

  • Awarded with (PGA) Panasonic Gobel Awards 2018, with category Most Favorite Series Non-Serial for FTV Azab

  • Included as nomination for Most Popular Drama Program Non-Prime Time (ITA) Indonesia Television Awards 2018, for FTV Kisah Nyata & Pintu Berkah

​Exactly in 2 May 2016, Mega Kreasi Films launched Series “Mermaid in Love”, although not the first series to be produced, but successfully attracted the hearts & minds of audience, even wining the prestigious award:

  • Won SCTV Award 2016, for The Best Series 2016 category, for Mermaid in Love​

Mega Kreasi Films strives to keep the production quality and will always become trend center in creating entertainment that is creative and innovative.