Sinetron Memeluk Bulan Tells the story of the journey of a little boy named Raja (Jerico Gowtama) who is looking for his biological father in Jakarta. Raja is determined to go to Jakarta alone for his mother, Gita (Gita Sinaga).

Since childhood, Raja only lived with his mother in the village. His father's figure was like a moon deep in the sky. Unreachable but always there.

Raja is a Sholeh child and loves his mother very much. Gita is sad when raja asks for his father's whereabouts. Not want his mother to be sad, Raja stopped asking his father.

Until one day, Raja heard his mother's prayer. Gita's cancer enters stage 4. Gita hopes to be able to meet raja father, Bayu (Ali Syakieb) once. To entrust raja and want to die in his arms.

Hearing his mom prayer, Raja thinks his father's presence can heal his mother. His Mom collapses and is rushed to the hospital while chasing raja who wants to go to Jakarta.

In Jakarta, raja almost sold by motorcycle taxi drivers who help him. Brothers and sisters, Cika and Sifa saved raja and took him to their home which turned out to be Bayu's house.

Raja precenses  was opposed by Oma Rosa (Mrs. Bayu). But Arini (Anneke Djodi), Bayu and the children accept raja presence and intend to help him. How shocked Bayu was when he found out that raja was the biological child of Gita.

A few years ago, Bayu helped Gita and married her in the village. Bayu was surprised that his marriage to Gita led to a boy named Raja. Ironically, Oma Rosa really craved a grandson from Bayu.

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