Magic Cinta tells the story of Citra (Cerelia Raisa) and Inka (Tiarra Permata), two close friends who are shunned by their school friends because of their modest family. Unlike them, there are Tania (Audi Marissa) and Maretha (Haviza Devi Anjani) who come from wealthy and respected families, and have many friends at school, One day, the four girls took part in a camping activity held by their school. Maretha gave a nosy idea to harm Citra and Inka to get lost in the forest. His idea was successful, cintra and inka get lost in forest, Citra and Inka fell into a hole and accidentally found a strange book, They were surprised when suddenly a man who was sleeping appeared when they opened the book.


The man turned out to be a prince from another dimension named Amor. Amor is none other than the owner of a strange book found by Citra and Inka. After that, Citra and Inka also have the power they both don't know where they come from.

What will happen to the Inca and citra with the power they have? And how did they finally become friends with Tania-Maretha? Watch their full story in Magic Love, which will begin airing today at 17.00 WIB, only on SCTV

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