Nisa (Titi Kamal) and Arsya (Oka Antara) are married couples who live happily, even though they have not been blessed with children at the age of their 5th marriage. In contrast to Arsya who did not question the child, Nisa was very obsessed. He feels incomplete as a woman if she cannot giving a child.

Until then on their 5th marriage anniversary, Nisa used a pack test and it turned out to be positive! Nisa is very relieved and happy, but when she wants to tell her husband, she tries to use the test pack again, and all the results are negative!

Their argue each other. Arsya was disappointed not because of the results of the test pack, but because he could not stand Nisa who was obsessed with getting pregnant all the time, and even disrupted the harmony of their household.

A new trouble come when Arsya met with his wife's yoga coach Nadya (Kirana Larasati) who was about to end his life. Arsya helped Nadya who was in a state of being drunk and accompany nadya return home until something undesirable finally happened. Both of them made a big mistake

Did Nisa manage to save her household with Arsya, a husband who was ideal in his eyes but apparently had lied to him? And is Arsya willing to forget Arsya just like that?



Cinta and kesitiaan is the latest soap opera produced by Mega Kreasi Films. You can see the full story from Monday 9 January 2017 at 9:00 p.m. tonight, only on SCTV

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