Series / 3 MATA BATIN

sinetron 3 Mata tell the story about three brothers tio,ramen and alanis, who have same birthday on February 29, one day mila prepares a simple birthday for his children,  Their birthday party coincides with a solar eclipse and then a strange event appears.

Alanis gets the power to see the future. Like a volcanic eruption natural disaster. Alanis was hysterical and felt going to somewhere strange. Alanis tried to tell everything he saw, but no one believed

When their searching Alanis, Tio stared in the other direction. Suddenly Tio saw the black smoke behind the bodies of three people who passed him. Meanwhile Remon panicked and suddenly could run as fast as lightning.

Since then, three of them tried to help others. Unfortunately, their strength also have a weaknesses. On the other hand, it's not easy for Tio, Remon and Alanis to make other people believe in the special power they have.

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